Tiato Kitchen + Garden Venue – Santa Monica

08 Oct Tiato Kitchen + Garden Venue – Santa Monica

One of the most beautiful restaurants in Santa Monica is Tiato Kitchen + Garden Venue. You truly have to see their outdoor dining area to believe it. Extremely spacious, free Wi-Fi and parking, and you will dine among herb gardens, lush greenery, as well as a variety of comfortable seating options. Enjoy their new Garden Nights, Wed-Fri from 4:30-8pm, in addition to their regular breakfast, lunch, and brunch hours. Those in the know will order their famous garlic noodles as the lovely owner, Catherine, hails from the An family of Crustacean in Beverly Hills. Their Asian-inspired menu is beyond delicious, but also enjoy their fabulous smoothies, and order BBQ kits to-go, prepared meals, produce, and essentials. Another tip from L.A. Any Day! 🌞🌴 

Kimberly Mohilef Jaffe, L.A. Any Day