New Client Announcement! Johnathan Schultz

06 Jul New Client Announcement! Johnathan Schultz

Introducing our newest client, artist & entrepreneur, Johnathan Schultz!  

Redefining the workings of a luxury industry isn’t something that many can say they’ve done, but Johnathan Schultz is continuing to trailblaze his way through one of the world’s top markets. As a South African artist and entrepreneur, Johnathan is inspired by precious metals and diamonds, two of the country’s most valued natural resources. Amidst all of his projects, Johnathan’s goal is unchanging: to make the impossible a reality. Creating and experimenting with mixed media; including diamonds, precious metals, textiles and artifacts, his unique skill-set has positioned Johnathan as a prominent new global artist creating groundbreaking pieces.

The Johnathan Schultz Infinity Series’ features layered gold handprints which were featured at the OSCARS© official gifting suite in April 2021 where custom pieces were created for Angela Bassett, Viola Davis, Anthony Anderson, KESHA, and Eugene Levy, to name a few. Each handprint consists of nine to fourteen layers of real gold. 

Appearances: OSCARS© 2021 (April 2021), ‘Diamond Series’ exhibition and ‘Frozen With Desire’ (August 2021), as well as ‘Out Of The Darkness’ exhibition (August 2021) Aventura Mall Pop-Up, Miami, FL (September 2021) and featured at LE ART noir Diversity in Color during Art Basel week (December 2021) just to name a few of the many upcoming events/exhibitions throughout the year. Johnathan has also received an exclusive invitation to the 74th Annual Cannes Film Festival 2021, where several of his amazing pieces will be on display.