Inaugural Rosé on Rose Wine Fest

02 Aug Inaugural Rosé on Rose Wine Fest

Rose Avenue pulled out all the stops to commemorate National Rosé Day this year, hosting a remarkable celebration of everything pink at the inaugural Rosé on Rose Wine Fest. This vibrant event, held in support of the Venice Family Clinic, attracted an impressive turnout of more than 500 attendees who reveled in the festivities. The festival showcased the street’s most beloved restaurants and retail establishments, including businesses such as American Beauty, Café Gratitude, Chulita, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, Parachute, Rose Room, The Rose Venice, Venice Beach Wines, Wabi on Rose, and Yanapuma Shop. The day was a whirlwind of delightful blush experiences, combining the exquisite taste of rosé, live music that set the mood, irresistible discounts, and the unique, eclectic ambiance that characterizes Venice’s Rose Avenue. Beyond the revelry, the festival carried a deeper significance by raising awareness and support for the Venice Family Clinic, an organization also on Rose Avenue dedicated to delivering quality healthcare to individuals in need. Thank you to our sponsors! Venice Chamber of Commerce, Venice Duck Brewing Co., Venice Paparazzi, Thumzup Media, Venice Beach Wines, CANN, Superbloom Collective, Soundbox Truck, PINK AQUA, STORM WINES, PRP Wine International, Roseade Rosé, Obvious Wines, SUMMER WATER, Hamptons Water Rosé, Nomadic Wines, Ramona Wine Spritz, Obvious Wines, and Lucky Duck.